The raft sauna of Ermistu Holiday Village

The private two-storey raft sauna on Ermistu lake offers sauna experience for up to 10 people. On the ground floor, there is a spacious steam room with a wood-burning heater, a ladder which you can use to go swimming, and an area for sitting. On the first floor, you can barbeque and spend some lovely time together behind a table, or simply enjoy the wonderful lake view.
The rental price is 50€ first hour and 25€ every additional hour. The minimum renting time is 2 hours. Please take into account that it takes about an hour to heat up the sauna. For a better experience, heat up the sauna yourself. Firewood and a boat are included in the price.
+372 5629 7627
Ermistu küla, Pärnu, Ermistu Järvemajand