Soohotell (the Bog Hotel) – a special place for spending a night in Soomaa

Soohotell – a special forest object in Soomaa. The novel forest object, designed by the architecture students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, has been adapted to the particular natural conditions of Soomaa – it offers accommodation to hikers. The 6-meter-high building looks minimalist from the outside, but it is the distribution of indoor rooms what makes it special – during high water, the upper floors remain dry. The hotel is anchored to the river bank and can be accessed from a boat as well.
Come to Soomaa, bring your sleeping bags, and spend a night in the unique Soohotell! Treat it like you would treat your own home and make sure to tidy it up before you leave.
You can get to the hotel and the nearby floating sauna via the Meiekose hiking trail. On the opposite shore, you will find a wonderful campground.
Soohotell is part of the hiking trail network of the State Forest Management Centre.
+372 435 7164
Riisa küla, Tori vald, SOOMAA RAHVUSPARK 118