Secret Service

Secret Service

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SECRET SERVICE          Secret Service is a golden classic of the 80s, the legendary Swedish new wave pop band, formed in 1979 by Tim Norell, Ola Håkansson and Ulf Wahlberg. World fame came to them immediately after the release of their debut album "Oh Susie", which took the first lines of the charts in dozens of countries. "Ten O'Clock Postman" from this album is one of the few western songs that broke through the "iron curtain", becoming one of the most popular tunes of the 80s in the USSR and Eastern Europe. The colossal success of the first album was consolidated two years later with the release of "Flash In the Night". This melancholic and mysterious song has opened the synthpop genre to millions of people around the world. Over the years, Secret Service has released dozens of hits and sold millions of records. In the 21st century, Secret Service continues to work actively. Together with new vocalist John Becker, the founders of the group recorded and released several hits ("Go On", "Secret Mission", "Lit de Parade"). And in November 2022, the band released a new album consisting of songs recorded in the last two years

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