Salevere Hiking Trail

Salevere is one of the loveliest places in West Estonia – especially in spring, when flowers bloom. Still, it is unique in every season.
The trail proceeds up the hill through an alver covered with juniper trees. From there alongside the edge of the bluff until the 5-metre high slope. From there it continues with a 120-metre boardwalk and stairs and ends near Silmaallika. At the base of Salumägi you will find a forest abundant in broad-leaved trees. You can hear birds typically heard in a broadleaf forest. You will also find the remains of an ancient fort and you can see the low fort rampart.

Good to know: The length of the trail is 1.5 kilometres, you should allow yourself 1.5 hours. The trail can be passed wearing light footwear.
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Salevere küla, Lääneranna vald, ALLIKA