Prantsuse jazz. Jean-Marie Machado kvartett (Prantsusmaa/Iraan)

Tue, 4 October at 7 pm Pärnu Concert Hall
Thu, 6 October at 7 pm Estonia Concert Hall
Fri, 7 October at 7 pm Jõhvi Concert Hall
Mon, 10 October at 7 pm Vanemuine Concert Hall
Jean-Marie Machado Quartet (France/Iran)
Jean-Marie Machado (piano, pre-prepared piano, composition, arrangements)
Jean-Charles Richard (baritone and soprano saxophone, flutes)
Vincent Segal (cello)
 Ze Luis Nascimento (zarb, percussion)
From his mothers´ side Moroccan-born pianist Jean-Marie Machado has also French and Italian roots, and his father is Portuguese. Thus, his jazz pianist's world knows no borders and is flexible enough to fuse different cultures and languages into a single whole. For Machado´s latest album, titled "Majakka" (Finnish for lighthouse), the pianist brings together his musical pieces that have added color to his musical journey over time, inspired by his rich cultural heritage. Pieces of life and music that lead like a lighthouse ...
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Aida tn 4