Enjoyment festival “Tunne”

Enjoyment festival “Tunne”, which name causes a bit of confusion, is actually a cultural event, where the organizers purpose is to create positive feelings and emotions using musicians, dancers, poets and art.

Enjoyment festival is taking place for the first time at Villa Ammende's garden. At 12.30 starts the children’s morning, that is lead by Endla youth studios actors. At the same time the parents can start the day with a good morning yoga, lead by personal trainer Laura Siimenson.

At 14.00 the singers of Pärnu local high school Ühisgümnaasium will start the day. In addition to them, there will also be performing dancers from Laine Mägi´s dancing school, Latvian superstar Rihards Bērziņšit, Von Dorpat, Kätlin and Mirjam Kits, Multifunk and Steps to Synapse.

The list of performers is a bit unusual thanks to motivational speakers. Errit Kuldkepp will be sharing their knowledge about how to be happy. Laura Siimenson will be talking about why we should have a healthy lifestyle and Pilleriin Teras will be introducing magical head massage.