Piazzolla 100. Nortango

Tue, 16 March at 7 pm Pärnu Concert HallWed, 17 March at 7 pm Jõhvi Concert HallPiazzolla 100Nortango:Johan Randvere (piano) Kirill Ogorodnikov (guitar)Momir Novakovic (bandoneon)Mari Poll (violin) Heikko Remmel (double bass) Nortango is an ensemble formed in the summer of 2019, which mainly performs music by the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) in the styles of contemporary classical music and jazz. "It seemed exciting and a real challenge to bring this to life right here in the Nordic country which is still considered cold and restrained,” Momir Novakovic from Serbia, the leader of Nortango, opens up the the birth story of the project. "But I discovered that we all have the same passion and sense of rhythm. I have also performed Piazzolla's music with Argentinians before, but in the case of such great musicians as in this project, I don't see any difference in whether they are Estonians or Argentinians.” The quintet, formed under the leadership of Serbian accordionist Momir Novakovic, includes the best musicians in their field, who have gained recognition both here and elsewhere. Piazzolla’s tango nuevo differs from the traditional tango in its jazz elements, special harmony and unexpected sounds, counterpoint and composition. As Argentinian psychoanalyst Carlos Kuri has pointed out, Piazzolla has combined the tango with the musical elements of the Western world so skillfully that he has even created a new style of music.

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Aida tn 4