Pärnu Spa Week

Kuupäev: 17.03.2019 - 24.03.2019
Aeg: 10:00 - 22:00

Pärnu spa week welcomes everyone to take care of your body and spirit! The water and sauna centres of 9 different spa hotels are available for enjoyment at the resort town.
Enterprises have put together some exquisite offers for the Spa Week for visiting spa centres and water parks, visiting restaurants, as well as accommodation packages for guests from out of town. The main objective of the Spa Week is introducing the opportunities at Pärnu to locals as well as other people from Estonia and abroad. The week involves activities and entertainment for the whole family – visit with your kids, friends or for a romantic getaway with your beloved.
We suggest staying in Pärnu for several days, this way you have more time to enjoy the opportunities and align yourself to the calm pace of the small town.

Pärnu linn, Pärnu