Opera gala with dinner

Pärnu Opera Days is a meeting place for opera lovers. In the hall with one of the best acoustics in Estonia, you can see and hear musical theaters from around the world performing on Estonian stages for the first time. The festival features at least one opera that has never been performed before or has been rarely seen in our halls. Traditionally Pärnu Opera Days end with a gala concert and dinner.
The guest theater of the 2020 festival is the Royal Polish Opera. Established in 2017, the theater operates in a building with a long tradition of opera, in Łazienki Królewskie. It is one of the few authentic 18th-century court theaters in Europe that has been preserved to this day.
Nowadays, the theater has attracted the attention of audiences by performing operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Polish composers, which have also been considered in the selection of productions for the Pärnu Opera Days. Don Giovanni by Mozart's and Haunted Manor by Stanisław Moniuszko will be performed.

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