Marit Piirman: “Trust me, I´m a local!”

Kuupäev: 13.07.2019
Aeg: 22:00 - 23:30

„Trust me, I ́m a local!” Pärnu guided tours are led by local people of Pärnu.

Come and join me!

I am a big fan of nature and I love animals. Eating and cooking are among things that I enjoy, and I collect postcards with cakes. I like to draw and paint, but because I have not found much time for it lately, I try to find art from my surroundings. I work at the university, where I teach tourism and service design related topics. Because of work I travel quite a bit, which I like but which also helps to appreciate home. I think I can say that I am a patriot of Estonia.

Pärnu is called the summer capital of Estonia because things happen here mostly during the summer. (Young) people meet, enjoy each other and the lovely surroundings. Endless walks in green parks where nightingales sing, sunset viewed from the mole of Pärnu, lovely open-air concerts by one of the most talented composers in Estonian history, art in its many forms – all this helps to create emotions that are hard to forget.

The tour is for free and starts at the Pärnu Visitor Centre, Uus 4
Duration 1,5h.

The tour is in English!
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Uus tänav, 4