Jaanika Rannula: “Trust me, I´m a local!”

„Trust me, I ́m a local!” Pärnu guided tours are led by local people of Pärnu.

Come and join me!

I am a full-time mum, wife, entrepreneur and a devoted fan of Pärnu. I immensely value our green city, the fact that the river, sea and parks are a stone's throw away, that my kids can joyfully run around the streets and navigate independently. Since my work as a trainer and coach takes me around Estonia, time is a really valuable resource to me. I associate key words of convenience, speed and vastness with Pärnu. If I feel like it, I can tour the entire city by bike, if I feel like it, I can reach the beach in 15 minutes on foot and take a breath of fresh air, and if we sleep in in the morning, we can still make it to school in five minutes. Pärnu is my safe haven – on my way home from work, I know I will be welcomed by a happy family, fresh air and chirping birds.

Together we will embrace a journey full of childish fun that will also keep the adults entertained. We will take a breath of history, get a glimpse of the newer sights, talk about the legends and mystic creatures of the town – who knows, we might even encounter some. During these 1.5 hours, you will also get a good laugh and a sense of our sweet small-town traditions.

The tour is for free and starts at the Pärnu Visitor Centre, Uus 4
Duration 1,5h.

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Uus tänav, 4