Elen Juurma: “Trust me, I´m a local!”

„Trust me, I ́m a local!” Pärnu guided tours are led by local people of Pärnu.

Come and join me!

Hi! Ma name is Elen and I believe that no place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a camera in your pocket! I’m no fancy photographer, just an ordinary person who happens to love taking pictures, capturing moments and sharing them on Instagram of course! Instagram has been my passion for a very long time. It’s a perfect place for a photoholic like me! I manage and own many accounts, including Pärnu’s official account @visitparnu. I have always been in love with Pärnu, so on Instagram I can combine my love for taking pictures and share the best of Pärnu with our followers!

If you join my tour, I will take you to the most #instagrammable places in Pärnu, but not in daylight, instead at sunset and night! We will visit the areas in Pärnu where you can capture the perfect night photo! The best photos from our tour will be shared on our Instagram account Visit Pärnu

The tour is for free and starts at the Pärnu Visitor Centre, Uus 4
Duration 1,5h.

The tour is in English!

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Uus tänav, 4