Canoe and kayak trip to Varbla Islets by Seikluspartner

A kayak trip with family and friends to the Varbla Islets.
Come paddle with a canoe and sea kayaks on the Varbla Islets. The trip is also suitable for children, because we row in a quiet and peaceful bay. Other islets protect us from the open sea.
We will go to Selglaid Island, which is two kilometres away, pass several islets and, if we are lucky, also meet some sea eagles. Arriving at Selglaid, we will observe a colony of cormorants and sheep and walk (approximately 1.5 km) to the lighthouse on Pöörilaid, where we will also have a picnic.
You can organise the hike to watch the sunrise or sunset, go on a discovery trip, and/or enjoy a tent sauna by the sea.
+372 5563 0069
Mereäärse küla, Lääneranna vald, SADAMA