Birdwatching with Estonian Nature Tours

Best birding, mammal watching and other wildlife holidays in Estonia!

Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have more than 13 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in Estonia and the feedback from our clients has always been good to excellent. Short breaks are becoming increasingly popular and in response to the high demand for this type of holiday we are continuing to increase our programme.
Many birdwatchers are keen to see something specific such as Steller´s Eider, Hazel Grouse, Ural, Pygmy and Hawk Owl, Three-toed Woodpecker or Great Snipe and Black Stork and can make a quick decision. We cater for just such needs and regularly organize highly focused trips in our country, and would be delighted to discuss your requirements further. Whether you are traveling alone, with a group of friends, or are organising a natural history expedition for a photographic club, university or natural history society, we have the expertise to arrange your journey to Estonia.
Many of our travellers are loyal to the companies they already know, and may prefer to book with their own travel agents discovering new countries with their help. Estonian Nature Tours has worked with over twenty other companies around Europe setting up birdwatching and other holidays.
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