Beach houses in Pärnu County. Lootsi Holiday House

Lootsi holiday house is a comfortable log cabin with three bedrooms. It is surrounded by junipers and pines and located just 100 m from the beach.
The roofed terrace on the side of the building is hidden from the blazing sun, which makes it a perfect location for having a meal. The holiday house is also protected from the sea winds, which is why it is lovely even in windy weather.
In the courtyard, there is a two-chambered barrel sauna which heats up quickly and offers a lovely sauna steam. There is also a nearby barbecue and campfire site. Up to three cars can park next to the house.
Here, you will actually relax during your vacation.
+372 502 8040
Paatsalu küla, Lääneranna vald, TARMO