Janne Ristimets dance studio

To be successful in life one has to notice what’s going on within oneself and lead one’s world of senses and thoughts. Dance and yoga are wonderful means through which you can develop the skill of living in the moment. This, in turn, helps you get in touch with your inner and outer world.

Real life goes by in a flash, and only in that moment is it possible to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and develop your attitude towards life. The teachings of yoga include practical knowledge and tools that will help you succeed in life. The aim of children’s yoga is to give these tools to children at an early age via playfulness.

Music, fairy tales, imagination, group games and things like balls, feathers and toys are used in children’s yoga. This helps the children bring their bodies into advanced asanas in a playful manner and also settle into relaxation and meditation. It is recommended that the child participates in the class alone, but parents can also take part during the practice period. The youngest (aged 2-3) come to class with a parent; this class is for enjoying spending time together. Children starting from 4 years old take part in the class alone.

Õhtu põik 3-20, Pärnu

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