Trust me, I´m a local! Pärnu guided tours in English

Every Saturday in July.

Pärnu is really proud of its people and people in Pärnu love our city! This is why a group of active locals got together and decided to share our love of the city and offer its guests a tour through our eyes and stories. „Trust me, I ́m a local!” tours are guided by local people of Pärnu, who live their colorful lives and share their passion through many different forms. Come and join us!

Families with kids can discover the most wonderful places that all the local children love – parks, playgrounds, workshops and museums. Come and spend some quality time with your family!

Architecture, hidden yards, special shops and places that all have stories – if only they could speak themselves. Guided by a local you can broaden your mind and feel the authentic lifestyle of Pärnu!
*We kindly ask you to rent a bike before the tour: http://www.bicyclerentalparnu.eu/

Vibrant in daytime, Pärnu becomes magical when the night comes. Mystical views for romance seekers, thrilling stories about old houses, night orienteering – these are just some of the night tour themes on the menu. Dress accordingly and let the magic of the night surprise you!

All the tours are for free and start at the Pärnu Visitor Centre, Uus 4

Duration 1,5h.

If you participated in the tour, we are grateful for your feedback. Answer the questions and win different prizes. We are waiting your answers until 31th of July 2019. The winners will be contacted after that.



  • 1 night for two with breakfast at Villa Wesset.
  • 1 night for two with breakfast and unlimited usage of SPA & SAUNA center at the Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa.

Meet our guides:

Jaanika Rannula

I am a full-time mum, wife, entrepreneur and a devoted fan of Pärnu. I immensely value our green city, the fact that the river, sea and parks are a stone's throw away, that my kids can joyfully run around the streets and navigate independently. Since my work as a trainer and coach takes me around Estonia, time is a really valuable resource to me. I associate key words of convenience, speed and vastness with Pärnu. If I feel like it, I can tour the entire city by bike, if I feel like it, I can reach the beach in 15 minutes on foot and take a breath of fresh air, and if we sleep in in the morning, we can still make it to school in five minutes. Pärnu is my safe haven – on my way home from work, I know I will be welcomed by a happy family, fresh air and chirping birds.

Together we will embrace a journey full of childish fun that will also keep the adults entertained. We will take a breath of history, get a glimpse of the newer sights, talk about the legends and mystic creatures of the town – who knows, we might even encounter some. During these 1.5 hours, you will also get a good laugh and a sense of our sweet small-town traditions.
27th of july

Kati Vaas

I am Kati, a Pärnu native. By training, I am a photographer, I have a design and gift shop called Kolme Karu Kaubamaja in Pärnu, I run a small mother-daughter business Vaas&Vaas where we design and prepare hand-painted wooden home decor and gifts. Additionally, in the past year I have taken up floristry. I have a firm belief that bikes trump any other means of transport and in Pärnu, I love to run my errands by bike. I am passionate about architecture, street art and industrial landscapes. You can often find me wandering around in Pärnu's different courtyards and exploring hidden nooks.

Tour description: Siinmaa's architecture from the 30s, some paradigmatic examples of modern architecture, street art and graffiti, wooden buildings in Suur-Jõe, industrial landscapes and backyards – everything I love so much about Pärnu. The tour finishes at 63 Suur-Jõe Street.
27th of july

Elen Juurma

Hi! Ma name is Elen and I believe that no place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a camera in your pocket! I’m no fancy photographer, just an ordinary person who happens to love taking pictures, capturing moments and sharing them on Instagram of course! Instagram has been my passion for a very long time. It’s a perfect place for a photoholic like me! I manage and own many accounts, including Pärnu’s official account @visitparnu. I have always been in love with Pärnu, so on Instagram I can combine my love for taking pictures and share the best of Pärnu with our followers!

If you join my tour, I will take you to the most #instagrammable places in Pärnu, but not in daylight, instead at sunset and night! We will visit the areas in Pärnu where you can capture the perfect night photo! The best photos from our tour will be shared on our Instagram account @visitparnu!
27th of july

Veronika Meibaum

My name is Veronika Meibaum. I am a mother of two great boys, the owner of Pärnu Private Tours Company and the hostess at Russian Farmyard. I am passionate about my hometown and the people who visit it. I enjoy hosting my friends for a nice chat and a cake that I´ve baked myself. My hobbies are travelling and relaxing in my sauna by the river.

On a family tour join me for a walk around Pärnu with your kids! A sightseeing tour with your little ones can be both fun and educating. I will share with you some tips and tricks and show you some of the coolest places where to go with your kids in Pärnu. You will also hear legends about Pärnu that my kids love and we´ll play some games, too. We´ll try to, at least.

On a night tour discover the beauty of Pärnu. Admire the beautiful old town, get great tips from a local where to spend your evening or take the best photos. Enjoy the atmosphere of Pärnu by strolling through the parks and streets. If we are fortunate, we´ll see one of the most romantic sunsets in Estonia!

6th of july

Errit Kuldkepp

I believe in living a life of purpose, one that impacts positively the lives of others. My purpose is to inspire people to live courageously, passionately, fulfillingly, through the energy of love and meaningful human connection. Passion for Life and Human Connection are the drivers behind the work I do in Pärnu Hospital as a marketing specialist and the founder and enthusiast of Positively Inspiring Lifestyle. For me everything is connected....as it is all about helping others to get along better.

About the tour: Allow me to take you on a journey around idyllic Pärnu. You will experience the picturesque landscapes, beautiful architecture, divine areas where you would love to kick off your shoes and just be in the moment. Pärnu truly has space….space to love, grow, fall down, get up again, to be and to create.
6th of july

Margo Märtsoo

I have been working with children for many years and enjoy it very much. At the moment I’m a physical education teacher in Pärnu Waldorf School, while also helping to give acrobatics lessons.

Friends know me as a fanatical cyclist, because I'm trying to encourage people to use bicycles in the city, leaving cars at home for longer rides. I think Pärnu’s size is perfect to take daily trips by bike or on foot.

On this family tour I will show you places that I have been visiting tens or even hundreds of times with my nine-year old son, where we keep going back again and again. We will pass by places where we often go to eat, have birthday parties for my son and his friends, do sports or hide from the sun on hot summer days. See you soon!
13th of july

Annabel Heindla

Hey, I'm Annabel! I've lived in Pärnu for over 10 years and have grown up in this city. I'm very young and currently still in high school. People have described me as a very energetic and positive person. Hope to see you on the tour!

On the tour we'll visit Pärnu's known and hidden sights. We'll visit the beach, the city center, the best food joints, and talk about local legends. By the end of it you'll know the city as well as I do. Trust me, I'm a local!
13th of july

Marit Piirman

I am a big fan of nature and I love animals. Eating and cooking are among things that I enjoy, and I collect postcards with cakes. I like to draw and paint, but because I have not found much time for it lately, I try to find art from my surroundings. I work at the university, where I teach tourism and service design related topics. Because of work I travel quite a bit, which I like but which also helps to appreciate home. I think I can say that I am a patriot of Estonia.

Pärnu is called the summer capital of Estonia because things happen here mostly during the summer. (Young) people meet, enjoy each other and the lovely surroundings. Endless walks in green parks where nightingales sing, sunset viewed from the mole of Pärnu, lovely open-air concerts by one of the most talented composers in Estonian history, art in its many forms – all this helps to create emotions that are hard to forget.
13th of july

Rainer Aavik

My name is Rainer and I am the Deputy Mayor of Pärnu City since 2015, being responsible for the city development and planning. I have put a lot of effort into development of Pärnu as a well-balanced city, keeping it as the second most popular tourism destination in Estonia and the foremost resort in the Baltics. I have a 2-year old son who has been able to enjoy all the parks, playgrounds, bicycle roads and the fantastic kid-friendly beach of Pärnu.

Pärnu is a city full of lush parks located between the sea and the rivers. I will take you to two of the largest playgrounds, show the parks and the beach. The tour will finish at the biggest children’s festival in Estonia, held in Rannapark behind Ammende Villa.
20th of july

Karoliine Aus

Hey, I am Karoliine. A young journalist, a social media manager and an event manager. I've been living in Pärnu since I was born and I still love this place, as there is so much beauty, warmth and magic here. My main goal is to fill my life with adventures, amazing people and unforgettable experiences, so come and join me!

My tour consists of a beautiful bike ride along the riverbank. I will introduce you the mole of Pärnu, Yacht Club, cool and really Instagram worthy graffity walls and the most beautiful building in Pärnu - the old hospital. Sounds creepy, I know, but actually it’s really amazing!
20th of july

Liisa Mägi

I´m an active and energetic person with many interests. Working daily as a Marketing Manager in the Development Centre of Pärnu County and passionate about arts and crafts on my days off. Culture, art, music, travelling, new experiences and places - these are the things that inspire me and enrich my everyday life.

I will take you on a night run. During nighttime, everything is more interesting and so is running! The tempo will be medium and suitable for all the people who love a rather calm pace. The tour will include the Tallinn Gate, Vallikäär, the beach area and the old town. Wear your comfortable running gear and let’s wander in Pärnu at night!
20th of july