NB! Due to the risk of introducing the new Omicron COVID variant, starting from 01.12.2021, all persons entering Estonia from third countries, Schengen countries in the red category or countries considered at high risk of Omicron COVID variant spread, must fill in the 
health declaration form (traveller’s questionnaire), if they are subject to the self-isolation obligation.

People travelling with their vaccination / recovery certificate are not, it means the health declaration form is not compulsory for them.

The traveller’s questionnaire must be submitted within three days before arriving in Estonia. The form must indicate all the countries passed through during the trip as well as the country of departure. The form must be completed electronically, but may be submitted on paper if necessary.

We welcome you without any restrictions from most of the world if you are fully vaccinated and no more than 12 months have passed. No tests, no isolation.

NB! From 01.12.2021, rules are different for all persons entering Estonia from countries recognized as being at high risk of Omicron COVID variant spread. Read more here.

It can be any vaccine type accepted in your country, just take your COVID-certificate with you and hit the road. Only with your vaccination certificate you can also enjoy everything – eating in restaurants, visiting spas, events etc. When coming from the European Union, England, Northern Ireland or Annex 1 countries, a certificate of recovery is also valid to cross the border as a tourist and consume services.

Entry to Estonia cannot be earlier than obtaining maximum protection depending on your vaccine type. Also no restrictions apply in the case of TRANSIT, i.e. passing through the territory of the Republic of Estonia. Otherwise – depending on the infection rate of the country or listing in Annex 1, testing and isolation rules apply. Read more here.

We warmly welcome you because it’s possible to enjoy everything that Estonia has to offer

There are no restrictions on services and tourism attractions based on presenting vaccination/recovery certificate or negative test result or wearing a mask . Please read the details at the website of Estonian Tourist Board.

Find all the latest data on Estonia’s infection rate per 100 000 inhabitants, our vaccination rate and overall healthcare information at the website of the Health Board.

Who can enter and how?

We welcome you with no restrictions from any place of the world if you are recovered or vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated no more than 12 months ago or no more than 180 days since diagnosis – no testing, no isolation (still testing for recovered people coming from some countries outside Europe, please find the detailed list at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Entry to Estonia cannot be earlier than obtaining maximum protection depending on your vaccine type. Otherwise – depending on the infection rate of the country, testing and isolation rules apply. Detailed information for testing and isolation rules and about needed documents will be availabe at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Siin on turvaline

You Are Safe Here

Responsible companies in Estonia has joined the consumer label “Covid-19 Safe & Clean”.

Companies that have joined the label confirm that:

  1. While indoors, attendants and visitors are able to keep their distance from one another.
  2. Disinfectants are located in places that are visible to everyone, and there are more disinfection stations than set forth in the minimum requirements.
  3. Keep their staff informed of the requirements and recommendations of the Health Board and ensure that no one comes to work with a runny nose, cough or other signs of illness.
  4. They monitor their clients, and an individual is asked to return home if any signs of illness are detected. All surfaces that have been touched by a person exhibiting signs of illness shall then be disinfected.
  5. Constantly ventilate interior spaces: keep the windows open, if possible and, if the windows do not open, ventilate the interior by keeping the exterior doors open. When ventilating, both outdoor and indoor temperatures are monitored.

The following is a list of Pärnu businesses that confirm that they have done everything in their power to protect guests from the possible risk of infection and that their health is safeguarded while staying with them. One can’t be too cautious these days, so it is quite sensible to take the safety aspect into account when choosing a place to stay. Please find the list here.

These companies confirm that they comply with all of the Health Board’s COVID-19 codes of conduct for accommodation leisure and catering establishments in order to ensure people’s well-being and good health.

NB! Information published by Visit Pärnu regarding COVID-19 restrictions rely on information disclosed by official government organisations. Any data presented on Visit Pärnu’s website is informative only – i.e. without juridical foundation, and should be viewed as such. Please keep in mind, that governmental authorities may change the conditions for entering and staying in the country with a short period of notice. Visit Pärnu does not take responsibility for your decisions to travel or to cancel a trip – neither for any other decisions you make based on the information presented on our website nor the possible consequences resulting. We recommend you to make yourself familiar with all the travel-related restrictions, including the ones related to specific transport connections, services to be consumed etc. In case you notice some contradictory or outdated information on this website, please be kind and inform us by writing to info@visitparnu.com.